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Barsum Enterprise

Barsum Enterprise is a universal system of telecom expense management aimed to be used in distributed departamental networks. It helps to provide tariffication (calculation of network usage costs), create analytical and statistical reports. Barsum Enterprise system is a software platform for telephone calls registration and analysis.

Barsum Enterprise system allows to control effectiveness of telecommunication equipment usage and its usage by employees. The first aspect helps to decrease telecommunication expenses by technical tools management (internal network structure in particular), and the second one increases effectiveness of telecommunication means usage by organizational and administrative measures application that also leads to telecommunication expense reduction.

First of all, system installation procedure is run. System is installed on the server (compatible with multiprocessor systems) by connection with PBX or through serial interface RS-232 with the use of Ethernet interface. In order to allocate load on different hardware computing facilities different processes (data collection, tariffication, database management) can be run on separate servers.

Barsum Enterprise considers working in distributed networks with various models of cross-connect equipment. At the same time data can be received from remote commutators with the use of LAN/WAN networks or special equipment (hardware-based buffer) though PSTN.

Address: Russia, 195112, St. Petersburg, Malookhtinsky pr., 68
Tel.: +7 (812) 449 17 00 / Fax: +7 (812) 449 17 01
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